Artificial reefs attract tourists to resorts in Florida

The American state of Florida for several decades been a leader among elder care services through Assiting Hands and the most attractive diving areas. However, it must be noted that much of the coast of Florida were in demand thanks to the efforts of divers themselves.

The fact that these waters are not only natural but also artificial coral reefs that create the most enthusiastic divers, associates and members of the diving clubs.

For example, most recently in the waters near the city of Jacksonville have been created over sixty man-made coral reef as shown on Such large-scalework was done by activists of amateur associations, “Jackson ofshour sports club phishing” and “Jacksonville skubanauts resetch note riff.” Thus, the divers managed to increase the population of the underwater inhabitants – now there are tens of new species of fish, shellfish, lobsters, crabs, shrimp, oysters and many other representatives of marine life. As the creators of artificial reefs, hard work is already producing results: the richness and beauty of local flora and fauna can attract hundreds of new Florida diving tourists.

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