At the depth of the masterpieces are born

Chris Krumlov – one of the most famous and popular all over the world of underwater photographers. His photographs are published on the covers of books and magazines, it is very often invited to the shooting of the popular television show, they hire as a poster advertising photos. He has even taken pictures of the eroding coral reefs in the Caribbean that can be seen at

Today Chris Krumlov told readers of one of the largest portals on the diving work, some of the secrets of his success, as well as the recent series saw the light of underwater photos, entitled “Monitoring the mermaid.”

More recently, the famous photographer was one of the leading authors of the advertising campaign for a new digital camera “Hesselblad,” designed specifically for shooting underwater. It is with this camera and was made a thematic series of images, “Observation of a mermaid.” These photos – real masterpieces, as shooting under water requires special skill, care and sensitivity. “I developed these skills over the years – says the photographer. – Specially constructed volume pool near my home in Virginia, and, of course, worked on the “open air underwater.” In the near future photographer – a new, impressive series of underwater photographs. However, the subject of future work master, of course, keeps a secret

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