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At the depth of the masterpieces are born

Chris Krumlov – one of the most famous and popular all over the world of underwater photographers. His photographs are published on the covers of books and magazines, it is very often invited to the shooting of the popular television show, they hire as a poster advertising photos. He has even taken pictures of the eroding coral reefs in the Caribbean that can be seen at

Today Chris Krumlov told readers of one of the largest portals on the diving work, some of the secrets of his success, as well as the recent series saw the light of underwater photos, entitled “Monitoring the mermaid.”

More recently, the famous photographer was one of the leading authors of Read the rest of this entry »

Basic training can dive without supervision, but within limits.


Learning to dive is an adventure you should start using a statement of mind, body and media. No dive center or dive boat will anyone who does not have a recognized qualification.

Basic training can dive without supervision, but within limits. Teaches how to assemble the equipment and its operation and move through the water and signs of friendship, and technical assistance. In more advanced courses obtained higher knowledge to dive in caves at Read the rest of this entry »

BalkySub Partners – An Identity

What can you expect from us?

Partner Balkysub When you identify yourself as a diver true to our philosophy of safe diving and fun.

You Balkysub loyalty, a system of education, family divers and comprehensive services, where everything is possible.

Support us in this project for the future in which we intend to mirror all the effort that contributes to the professionalisation of diving for up to customer service and quality assurance in the sport.

Commitment to the environment, the club will allocate $ Read the rest of this entry »

Goal Club – Your Diving Partner

Uruapan Diving Club-
aims at the healthy living of its members through the practice of sport diving responsibly, both in security and in respect for the environment and the constant updating of knowledge and practical skills its partners to better performance in diving.

1. On Board
a. The Assembly elected in the month of February the Board to act for that year.
b. The time for action by Read the rest of this entry »

SCUBAXÀBIA Diving Club – Your Trusted Dive Partner

Like to be Your Trusted Dive Partner

Become a member and take advantage of the benefits of SCUBAXÀBIA diving club.

You just need to make an annual purchase amount exceeding € 200.00, or hire a diving course from SCUBA DIVER, or purchase a bond of dives.
Automatically you will become a member of Their Read the rest of this entry »