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In the Bahamas forbidden to hunt for sharks

It has recently become known that the authorities have introduced the Bahamas absolute ban on shark fishing in the territorial waters of an area about 630 square kilometers. In addition, categorically prohibits the sale of meat of marine predators, as well as exports or imports. Earlier, in 1993, has already introduced new operators for automatic doors and a ban on catching sharks bearded gear, but this measure proved ineffective.

It also reported that a total ban on fishing of sharks in the Bahamas was introduced after the largest local producer of seafood, “Sankoh” has announced its plans several times to increase exports to Hong Kong shark fin, which are considered a delicacy.

As we learned from official sources, such Read the rest of this entry »

Diving opens up unlimited possibilities

Not long ago, the researchers concluded that Pay Per Cloud  is likely to be one of the best ways to save money on your IT expenses and diving is likely to be one of the best ways to alternative therapies in the fight with many complex diseases of the locomotor apparatus. Indeed, in recent times, there are many examples to support this view. For example, instructors diving schools “Dayvhert”, which is located in the U.S. state of Illinois, recently noted significant improvements in health status 19-year old boy, John Harris, who was paralyzed half of his body.

The teachers are absolutely sure that it will become the diving medicine that will help young people overcome illness.

John Harris confined to a wheelchair since 2010 – that’s when he Read the rest of this entry »

Sharm El-Sheikh – the list of leaders in the diving tourism

More recently, international experts in the field of tourism said that the resorts of Egypt, in connection with recent political upheaval, would lose popularity among tourists a year, and even more. However, it appeared that the Egyptian resorts were equally popular. For example, the well-known among the diving in Sharm El-Sheikh, according to rankings published by respected British portal “Chipflayts”, this year was in seventh place in the top ten favorites in the field of diving tourism. As indicated by the rankings, Sharm El-Sheikh attracts divers not only rich in marine life and excellent service, and democratic prices. While exploring Sharm El-Sheikh you should also explore the exchange hosting providers that can better server you.

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Divers prepare to “hunt” for sharks

Famous American diving community announced the start of an exciting expedition of registration to be held in May next year.

Under the guidance of an underwater photographer, one of the most famous in the world, and an experienced diver Damian Sivero group of “advanced” divers will travel to the shores of Australia, where in the depths of the Coral Sea will be arranged on the photography of sharks.

As the organizers of the expedition, participants from will have the latest advances in geotextiles and the opportunity to admire the most beautiful coral in the world, a unique coral formation -the Great Barrier Reef, which stretches along the coast of Australia more than 2000 kilometers, and Read the rest of this entry »

Artificial reefs attract tourists to resorts in Florida

The American state of Florida for several decades been a leader among elder care services through Assiting Hands and the most attractive diving areas. However, it must be noted that much of the coast of Florida were in demand thanks to the efforts of divers themselves.

The fact that these waters are not only natural but also artificial coral reefs that create the most enthusiastic divers, associates and members of the diving clubs.

For example, most recently in the waters near the city of Jacksonville have been created over sixty man-made coral reef as shown on Such large-scale Read the rest of this entry »

Diving in Tomsk

See… Few of the Tomsk diving!

Tomsk, there are three diving club Naiad (TUCSR) Afalina (Polytech), Skate (TSU)!
Sports – Technical Scuba Divers Club TUSUR “Naiad” was organized in 2010. During his time there the club were trained diving more than 800 students and staff TUSUR.  Some of them have tied their fate to the sea, choosing a profession from or diving while working on a degree obtained in TUSUR in organizations connected with the sea. Read the rest of this entry »

The healing water containing nitrogen, silicon, sulfur, sodium, chlorine and other mineral elements.

In the province of Baria Vung Tau, is a health tourism center Bintyau. Hot mineral water makes its way to the surface in many places (more than 70 outputs) with a depth of 3-5 thousand meters. It spreads across a width of about a mile, forming a network of streams. The water temperature in these natural baths do not drop below 37 degrees. And in Read the rest of this entry »

Trip to Dragon

“Fortress descending dragon” (which translates to Hanoi – the main city in the country) these days is celebrating its millennium. The capital of Vietnam admired for its ancient temples and pagodas, elegant colonial villas, narrow streets and wide boulevards. Worth a visit Hanoi Cathedral, Thong Nat Park, Sword Lake and the Read the rest of this entry »

Layang Layang, – a small Island in the South China Sea

Layang Layang-(Layang Layang)

Layang Layang, – a small Island in the South China Sea, consisting of 12 connected reefs. Located about 300 km from Kota Kinabalu, the capital of Sabah in Borneo. At one time, right on the island said China, Vietnam, Philippines, and Malaysia to protect him, has built a naval base here. Before the construction of the base lived here only a bird. Now, when the resort was built and the base, of course, live here a Read the rest of this entry »

Description Aquaventura

Uan Aquaventura company is consolidated in the diving industry since 15 years guarantee our experience in teaching sport diving. We have made over 5000 dives in their Mediterranean will be announced and will visit places that I imagined.

Their passion for the game will take you to a world in three dimensions until now very few of which we know and enjoy in silence and harmony with other beings that inhabit it. Their equipped cubicles is formed by a group of professionals always ready to teach, to enjoy and respect this new world so far little is known is through television programs.

In Aquaventura they specialize in the training of divers at all levels in our school will help you discover the passion for diving, and gradually get one of the most complete diver training from which you have never imagined. In addition to the programming of the courses are tailored to your needs, planning according to your needs. If you want to be star in Read the rest of this entry »