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And so to our means of propulsion – the fins.

The Fins

The Fins

There are two main types of fin, shoe fin and open heel fin.
The shoe or pool fin is ideal for the beginner, being smaller and offering less surface resistance in the water and is consequently less tiring on untrained leg muscles.
Both types of fin are constructed of similar materials, rubber foot sockets and plastic blades. The open heel fin however is larger, heavier and more robustly constructed, being designed to accept a dry or wet boot and to be used in open water.

The shoe fin, as one might expect, is supplied in shoe sizes, the foot fitting into a slipper-like pocket. Fins for growing children may be purchased slightly larger in size; the slack taken up with ordinary or neoprene socks or by use of a simple device called a fin retainer.
It is important when fitting the shoe fin to Read the rest of this entry »


Now what about the snorkel?
The snorkel is designed to allow us to breathe at the surface without lifting our head. In its simplest form it comprises a tube, usually of plastic, and a mouthpiece of plastic, rubber or silicone. For comfort and lack of allergenic reaction silicone is the material of choice. The mouthpiece has been designed to fit inside the mouth with a retaining flange, and bite blocks for the teeth to grip to ensure an adequate airway.
Consider the size of the mouth and what is a comfortable gap for the teeth and estimate the size of the mouthpiece accordingly. It is known that undue pressure on the bite block causes strain at the lower jaw joint.
Bite blocks are to rest the teeth against not chew on and clearly the more robust they are the longer they will last. However, if oversized they will cause discomfort.
All snorkels are of similar dimensions to Read the rest of this entry »


There is a huge choice of basic snorkelling equipment available on the market today but how do you choose the best for you?
The basic equipment for snorkelling is mask, fins and snorkel, with a range of support accessories depending upon where and what type of snorkelling interests you.

The mask

The mask

The mask

The mask is the single most important piece of equipment in snorkelling. If a mask fits correctly and comfortably then you will enjoy your snorkelling. However, an ill-fitting leaking mask makes the experience miserable. So it is worth spending time when choosing a mask, and here are some of the features to look out for.
Masks are available in several different types of material ranging from plastic to rubber to silicone. Silicone masks tend to be the more expensive but Read the rest of this entry »

Lists of diving products and dive equipment

Following you will find lists of diving products and dive equipment:

3 window diving mask
4 window diving mask
accessories pouch
adjustable buoyancy compensator
adjustable flipper
air bleed valve snorkel
air integrated diving computer
all-use led lamp torch
aluminum diving flashlights
angled 2-gauge console
aquatic sports goggles with pc lens
battery canisters
belts & retainers
belts and pouches
boltsĀ  Read the rest of this entry »

Thai Diving Equipments

Thailand, especially around the islands in the Southern provinces, has some of the finest dive sites in the world. Thailand also have some of the finest diving companies and diving schools who cater for the Read the rest of this entry »