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Description Aquaventura

Uan Aquaventura company is consolidated in the diving industry since 15 years guarantee our experience in teaching sport diving. We have made over 5000 dives in their Mediterranean will be announced and will visit places that I imagined.

Their passion for the game will take you to a world in three dimensions until now very few of which we know and enjoy in silence and harmony with other beings that inhabit it. Their equipped cubicles is formed by a group of professionals always ready to teach, to enjoy and respect this new world so far little is known is through television programs.

In Aquaventura they specialize in the training of divers at all levels in our school will help you discover the passion for diving, and gradually get one of the most complete diver training from which you have never imagined. In addition to the programming of the courses are tailored to your needs, planning according to your needs. If you want to be star in Read the rest of this entry »

The Mediterranean Sea

El Mar MediterrĂ¡neo
The Mediterranean Sea is ideal for scuba diving because the water is calm, so Valencia and its province are also important points for diving. Cullera Among them is the preferred site to get started in this sport. If you are an advanced athlete can go to the capital itself, where there are several diving schools that will take you to explore the coast of Valencia.

One school of diving is Cabo La Nao, which has a dive center in Javea, which is 5 stars. Taught courses at all levels, including the Read the rest of this entry »

Diving center and teaching maritime

Diving Pictures

Diving Pictures

A new experience can be fun and exciting world of diving. Short courses provide the oportunity to explore the underwater world, understand the diversity of flora and Read the rest of this entry »


Now what about the snorkel?
The snorkel is designed to allow us to breathe at the surface without lifting our head. In its simplest form it comprises a tube, usually of plastic, and a mouthpiece of plastic, rubber or silicone. For comfort and lack of allergenic reaction silicone is the material of choice. The mouthpiece has been designed to fit inside the mouth with a retaining flange, and bite blocks for the teeth to grip to ensure an adequate airway.
Consider the size of the mouth and what is a comfortable gap for the teeth and estimate the size of the mouthpiece accordingly. It is known that undue pressure on the bite block causes strain at the lower jaw joint.
Bite blocks are to rest the teeth against not chew on and clearly the more robust they are the longer they will last. However, if oversized they will cause discomfort.
All snorkels are of similar dimensions to Read the rest of this entry »