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In the Bahamas forbidden to hunt for sharks

It has recently become known that the authorities have introduced the Bahamas absolute ban on shark fishing in the territorial waters of an area about 630 square kilometers. In addition, categorically prohibits the sale of meat of marine predators, as well as exports or imports. Earlier, in 1993, has already introduced new operators for automatic doors and a ban on catching sharks bearded gear, but this measure proved ineffective.

It also reported that a total ban on fishing of sharks in the Bahamas was introduced after the largest local producer of seafood, “Sankoh” has announced its plans several times to increase exports to Hong Kong shark fin, which are considered a delicacy.

As we learned from official sources, such Read the rest of this entry »

Divers prepare to “hunt” for sharks

Famous American diving community announced the start of an exciting expedition of registration to be held in May next year.

Under the guidance of an underwater photographer, one of the most famous in the world, and an experienced diver Damian Sivero group of “advanced” divers will travel to the shores of Australia, where in the depths of the Coral Sea will be arranged on the photography of sharks.

As the organizers of the expedition, participants from will have the latest advances in geotextiles and the opportunity to admire the most beautiful coral in the world, a unique coral formation -the Great Barrier Reef, which stretches along the coast of Australia more than 2000 kilometers, and Read the rest of this entry »

Santa Pola Anthias Description

Anthias Santa Pola has a team of multidisciplinary professionals in Oceanography, Marine Science graduates, researchers, experts in training in training divers and diving instructors and First Aid. Just as patterns for boat handling with professional qualifications, technical divers, snorkelers, divers, scientists and professionals.

Their work as professionals in the field of oceanography and Read the rest of this entry »

The Mediterranean Sea

El Mar Mediterráneo
The Mediterranean Sea is ideal for scuba diving because the water is calm, so Valencia and its province are also important points for diving. Cullera Among them is the preferred site to get started in this sport. If you are an advanced athlete can go to the capital itself, where there are several diving schools that will take you to explore the coast of Valencia.

One school of diving is Cabo La Nao, which has a dive center in Javea, which is 5 stars. Taught courses at all levels, including the Read the rest of this entry »

Diving center and teaching maritime

Diving Pictures

Diving Pictures

A new experience can be fun and exciting world of diving. Short courses provide the oportunity to explore the underwater world, understand the diversity of flora and Read the rest of this entry »

Trip to North Island for Diving – the lle De Rhonde area

Diving in North Island

1 day trip to the lle De Rhonde area of the southern Grenadines, a fantastic diving area equal to the Caymans, and the Red Sea, but yet mostly undiscovered by the diving world, where 200 foot visibility is common, virtually no diving pressure and surrounded by uninhabited islands. Experience caves, huge swim throughs and vertical drop offs. This trip includes 2 dives and lunch, on a comfortable, spacious boat with a maximum of Read the rest of this entry »

is Diving in Grenada split into two main areas (The South Western corner of the island)

Diving in South Western corner of Grenada is so fun & memorable.

Diving in Grenada is split into two main areas;
The South Western corner of the island on the lee side; and The Northern islands (Isle de Ronde etc.). Which seem to have been named by everybody, one site is known as death valley, eel passage and Les Tantes cut. We just Read the rest of this entry »