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Man and the Sea

Description Directed by Andrei Alexandrov, Stepan Kocharian.

Written by: Leonid Dobriden, Andrei Alexandrov.

Man and the Sea

Diving, 2008, Russia

In recent years, with the increasing popularity of diving, a lot of people rushed into the water. We will try to tell about how people affect the underwater world and the consequences that result, this meeting. In comparison, the problem will be considered on the southern and the northern seas, where most notably the presence of man.

BalkySub Partners – An Identity

What can you expect from us?

Partner Balkysub When you identify yourself as a diver true to our philosophy of safe diving and fun.

You Balkysub loyalty, a system of education, family divers and comprehensive services, where everything is possible.

Support us in this project for the future in which we intend to mirror all the effort that contributes to the professionalisation of diving for up to customer service and quality assurance in the sport.

Commitment to the environment, the club will allocate $ Read the rest of this entry »


Scuba diving equipment and tests. New diving equipment companies. Tales of diving, news, products, techniques, tips and advice.

My name is Fabrizio Pirrello and what follows is my story.

Like many early access to the underwater world was with apnea.
In 1980 I did my first scuba diving course and my first dates back to 1984 … ..
I started I started to dive with “divers” and only after I took a real course with FIAS. I realized how important it was to receive serious training.
In later years I studied the training to obtain his Read the rest of this entry »

Marine Technology Report (SCUBA Technology)

New SCUBA Technology Offers Tool
A training course has been launched that gives seafarers and marine workers the ability to access the underside of their vessel in an emergency. Shallow water scuba diving technology is now available as a solution that can permit emergency inspections and minor repairs to be performed by trained crew using Mini B scuba gear. This can be for personal use or in compliance with relevant health and safety regulations. Intended for use at depths of less than 9 m, Mini B systems have been designed in the UK to be kept available for immediate use and to enable the wearer to enter the water with Read the rest of this entry »


Anything that gets people under the water has got to be a good thing, and Mark Evans was intrigued by a new entry-level diving course.

Actually, theMicrodive course is best described as an entry entry-level route into diving.The brainchild of Rob Hart – theman behind the innovativeMini-B scuba-system-in-a- Read the rest of this entry »

The Microdive training programme

Home Study Knowledge Base Information

Knowledge base information is provided in the form of a manual and a support DVD which provides demonstrations of diving skills that Read the rest of this entry »