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Register V-Planner

Register V-Planner – $ 85 USD / € 70 Euro / £ 60 GBP
V-Planner is a Shareware. UD. is granted a license to view and evaluate the program free of charge for 30 days. After this period, is required to UD. register the program and pay the registration fee, or stop using it and remove it from your computer. After the evaluation period, the program will continue functioning normally, but will remind you to register. Registration is valid for life and includes any future updates. The same registration details may be used to record all the copies belonging to a diver. Ie home computer and Read the rest of this entry »

Varying Permeability Model (VPM) References

Primary Modeling References:

Yount, D.E. and Hoffman, D.C. 1984. Decompression theory: A dynamic critical-volume hypothesis. In: Bachrach A.J. and Matzen, M.M. eds. Underwater physiology VIII: Proceedings of the eighth symposium on underwater physiology. Undersea Medical Society, Bethesda, 131-146.

Yount, D.E. and Hoffman, D.C. 1986. On the use of a bubble formation model to Read the rest of this entry »

El nuevo modelo VPM-B

VPM-B is the latest revision of Erik Baker’s VPM model. The biggest change over the previous model is to introduce considerations of Boyle’s law in the promotion. This slightly alters the profiles, and ceilings are adjusted limit rise accordingly.

The end result for a profile VPM-B is a plan that has deep and shallow stops, and Read the rest of this entry »

VPM-B model for recreational

Diving SoftwareNoticias … IANTD choose the VPM-B model for recreational Trimix advanced courses, and introduce VPM-B in the courses normoxic, trimix and shipping trimix and rebreathers use in ppO2 constant. All these courses will have tables and diagrams VPM-B decompression.

New dive profiles and graphs

New Stops extended improved control of deep stops, glide
inmesiones in height.

Back Pressure Calculator – Create formulas for any immersion

Templates to save complex dive plans Read the rest of this entry »