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Report on the under-ice diving

Blue Silence is a company dedicated to the provision of subsea services and in the academic area, we are the main training school sport and professional divers, under the standards of the Navy of Chile, where our primary mission to provide synergizement, quality services where they excel and professionalism, and in turn, can deliver enthusiasm and commitment with our expertise, advice and dissemination to commercial diving and sport throughout our country or anywhere where there is the possibility of entering the Read the rest of this entry »

The History of Diving- Dutch

Much of Greek mythology is based on diving. Neptune was the god of water. The Romans and Greeks Had destruction diving groups. The divers were held their breath or snorkeling without fins.

Breathing tube and breathing bags.

The most obvious and most crucial step to increase the capacity of diving underwater to increase was to provide them with an air so it stays under water could be extended. Hollow tubes and came to the surface, but they could do little useful work. A series of designs was Read the rest of this entry »

Many Scientists and Researchers to Explore and Expose Some of the Many Mysteries that Keeps the Sea

Road to Success, Featured Story on Diving

But soon all the divers had to manage to find a method that allowed them to stay underwater longer than lung capacity allowed. At first, hollow reeds were used, but the divers could only descend to the depth where the reeds came. The main use made of this genius was in the Read the rest of this entry »

Underwater World, a Fascinating Story

A Fascinating Story

Whether for military or rescue, hunting or pleasure, the need that man has felt to dive beneath the surface of the sea dates back to medieval times.

Nobody knows for sure when the man dived for the first time, however, for various writings of classical historians shows that were back in the Read the rest of this entry »


Anything that gets people under the water has got to be a good thing, and Mark Evans was intrigued by a new entry-level diving course.

Actually, theMicrodive course is best described as an entry entry-level route into diving.The brainchild of Rob Hart – theman behind the innovativeMini-B scuba-system-in-a- Read the rest of this entry »