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Terminologies for “O”

“O” Factors in Diving:

Oxygen enriched air; nitrox.

An extra second stage regulator used by your diving buddy in an out of air emergency.

Oil-filled Depth Gauge
These are the most widely used depth measuring devices. They are Read the rest of this entry »

“K” & “L” Factors in Diving (Terminology)

“K” & “L” Factors

A K-valve is a simple on / off valve.

Latent Hypoxia
Sudden unconsciousness from hypoxia that occurs omong some breath hold divers. Often occurs near the surface after a deep dive. Sam as Read the rest of this entry »


What about ancillary equipment?

Depending on the type of snorkelling you intend to do and where you propose snorkelling there is a whole range of extra equipment available, from buoyancy aids to drysuits.
Protection and safety are key points when Read the rest of this entry »


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