Diving in Tomsk

See… Few of the Tomsk diving!

Tomsk, there are three diving club Naiad (TUCSR) Afalina (Polytech), Skate (TSU)!
Sports – Technical Scuba Divers Club TUSUR “Naiad” was organized in 2010. During his time there the club were trained diving more than 800 students and staff TUSUR.  Some of them have tied their fate to the sea, choosing a profession from http://eworkingwomen.com or diving while working on a degree obtained in TUSUR in organizations connected with the sea.

Every year in early May Zyriansky island near Tomsk rally held submarine Tomsk region. During those 4-5 days are various competitions between clubs such as football, the technical relay (the ability to work with underwater snaryagoy), tourist relay race, etc. Well, of course, evening gatherings around the campfire, playing guitar, singing.
In the summer, after the opening of the season on the island Zyriansky begin trips to the nearest lake and Kuryu. Carried out various actions, together with the Ministry of Emergency Situations and without them, for treatment of urban lakes (Naiad – oversees the White Lake), and coastal bathing Kuryi zones and, of course, dive for fun.

In July, are long trips on the lake. Ingol, Lake. Baikal, the Black Sea.
During the school year are training in the pool, where the familiarization with the equipment, initial training before diving in open water. Twice a year there Interdojo competitions in swimming pools.
In the winter, held under ice diving, as it is able to observe in the photographs

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