In the Bahamas forbidden to hunt for sharks

It has recently become known that the authorities have introduced the Bahamas absolute ban on shark fishing in the territorial waters of an area about 630 square kilometers. In addition, categorically prohibits the sale of meat of marine predators, as well as exports or imports. Earlier, in 1993, has already introduced new operators for automatic doors and a ban on catching sharks bearded gear, but this measure proved ineffective.

It also reported that a total ban on fishing of sharks in the Bahamas was introduced after the largest local producer of seafood, “Sankoh” has announced its plans several times to increase exports to Hong Kong shark fin, which are considered a delicacy.

As we learned from official sources, such categorical measures taken in order to maintain a significant population of sharks that are alive, “landmarks” Bahamas. Many snorkellers come here just to participate in a very extreme kind of rest – “diving with the sharks.” It should be noted that the Bahamas – not the first state ban on its territory, catching sharks. In 2010, a similar bill was approved in Honduras in early 2011 – in the Maldives and Palau archipelago, and in June the Mexican government banned the catching of sharks during the spawning season – that is, every year from May to August.

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