Report on the under-ice diving

Blue Silence is a company dedicated to the provision of subsea services and in the academic area, we are the main training school sport and professional divers, under the standards of the Navy of Chile, where our primary mission to provide synergizement, quality services where they excel and professionalism, and in turn, can deliver enthusiasm and commitment with our expertise, advice and dissemination to commercial diving and sport throughout our country or anywhere where there is the possibility of entering the world of silence.

In organizing the ice diving is the two groups. The first group goes through the ice, while the second insures you upstairs. So take care not only about themselves, loved ones. Remember that people are not sturdy ice. Try to provide them with warm boots, preferably with studded soles, life jacket, mittens or gloves. After a thorough briefing. Remember that in their hands not just a safety end, and your relationship with the surface, your pointer to the path in the air.

Ice diving at the same time with the beauty and thrills has a strong psychological stress. When the educational or training dives under the ice, make sure that your partner has the necessary experience and qualifications to carry out such a dive. It is important to your inner psychological state of the Badi. If a person does not have the necessary experience, it is possible psychological breakdown in an irregular situation under water, and inability to appear on the surface can lead to an uncontrollable panic and negative consequences. Therefore, careful instruction, self study, discussion of possible non-standard situations will allow you and your buddy to make diving safer. Do not ignore the mandatory requirements. Do everything, even the smallest binding recommendations on equipment, gear and ensure their own safety.

Carefully follow the testing and mutual testing equipment. Remember to check the features of equipment in cold air. Check the completeness of the primary and standby equipment.

Your comrades in the group to ensure always help you to put on a heavy equipment and safely perform entry into the water. Remember that you are on a slippery surface nahodetes ice at you a lot of cargo and back-up equipment. Do not hesitate to ask for help on the ice in a group of software. Nasty fall or injury can not just cancel your upcoming dive, but in the worst case delay for a long time thereafter. Once again I repeat for the group and to ensure partner transmitted and received by the end of a safety signal. Make sure that everything is ready to begin diving and quietly enter the water the most injury-way. The easiest option is probably the one that will not allow the spray and do not flood the space around maynovoe water. I prefer to slide in Maine from a sitting position.

If you have an experienced partner zdravomyslyaschiy, it will not make a giant step on your head and do the same, safe entry into the water. No need to rush at once to sink. Check again whether the insurance is not confused the end, take, pick up the correct amount of cargo. Remember that a dry suit, the cold water and under-ice diving will require a larger quantity of goods than usual.

Why do I bring a focus on surface preparation and verification? In the under-ice diving, if you are negligent attitude to regulations and standards, you risk not only spoil your dive, but the risk of his life and that of his partner. Therefore, training should always be careful and unhurried. If you have forgotten that one of the necessary equipment and supplies, it is best not to risk it and put an immersion in next time.

And the beginning of the dive. Look up. Surprise and delight, from which pure water can be in our lake. Then come back and you’ll hear delight your friends, who stood on the ice, saw the light of lamps under water at depths of 12-15 meters. Water clarity is really amazing. Another would be a bit of sunshine and we could say that we in the Red Sea. In any case, transparency is not worse than in the Black Sea and Mediterranean. Gradually gaining depth. Turn on the lights, but they almost do not need. Visibility at 5 plus. There’s just the sunlight. We pass by familiar landmarks, and go out on a flooded bus. Now, with the clear water can be seen that it is covered with particles is not mud, and then some peat and algae. Light in the middle canopy. Now we can say about it and its light is in sight. We hear the twitching of a safety end. Conditioned signals. All right? Answer: yes. Again, the signal-etched almost all insurance halyard. Reply-understood. Return. And now, seeing the front of the passing smoothly up the rope, walk 40 yards back to the surface.

A look at the Badi, in fact, as always Olympian calm, a sign of okay, and an indication of the direction of motion. Yes, I understand Okay back. Gradually decreases and the depth we have already seen standing on the ice and Alain Daniel Novakivskogo Garastey. Our group insurance and welfare. We rise, we show that all is well and ask permission to sit down a little under Main. After hitting into the water, so do not want to come out of it. I looked at the computer. The water temperature 4. Dive time 28 minutes, the maximum depth of 15 meters. All right.

But, it’s time to go. Already the sun goes down, and guys are already podmerzli on ice. And gather gear, load the car, barbecue grill and go 50 km. home. I and my team-mate Vladimir Horak faces are so happy that the band just above can already see myself there next to us, under water. And surely say, now would we go. We believe. Of course you go.

But to our regret this day ends. A wonderful day of interesting dive

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