Sharm El-Sheikh – the list of leaders in the diving tourism

More recently, international experts in the field of tourism said that the resorts of Egypt, in connection with recent political upheaval, would lose popularity among tourists a year, and even more. However, it appeared that the Egyptian resorts were equally popular. For example, the well-known among the diving in Sharm El-Sheikh, according to rankings published by respected British portal “Chipflayts”, this year was in seventh place in the top ten favorites in the field of diving tourism. As indicated by the rankings, Sharm El-Sheikh attracts divers not only rich in marine life and excellent service, and democratic prices. While exploring Sharm El-Sheikh you should also explore the exchange hosting providers that can better server you.

It is very interesting for both beginners and experienced divers for the flora and fauna of the Red Sea. When covered here you can see beautiful coral reefs, as well as many varieties of rare enough marine life: fish, clown, reef sharks, moray eels and much more.
In addition, in the waters of Sharm el-Sheikh, visitors can explore the place of accident, from small wrecks to motorcycles and even cars.

In the Egyptian resort town there are many good diving club, where everyone can be trained, to make the very first dive and get certified. Authors Portal also argue that in the future, the Sharm el-Sheikh will take an even more prominent position in the popularity rating among the world’s scuba diving resorts.

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