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My name is Fabrizio Pirrello and what follows is my story.

Like many early access to the underwater world was with apnea.
In 1980 I did my first scuba diving course and my first dates back to 1984 … ..
I started I started to dive with “divers” and only after I took a real course with FIAS. I realized how important it was to receive serious training.
In later years I studied the training to obtain his Read the rest of this entry »

The “H” Factors in Diving (Terminology)

The “H” Factors in Diving

Half Time
Half the time it takes for a dissoved gas in a tissue (such as nitrogen) to equilibrate to a new pressure, or to reach full saturation at a new pressure. Theoretical tissue half times are used in designing dive tables and algorithms for dive computers.

Related to Haldane’s theory that nitrogen is taken up and given off in exponential fashion during a dive, and that there is Read the rest of this entry »

The “G” Factors in Diving (Terminology)

“G” Factors in Diving

Gag Reflex, Overactive
The inability to retain an object in the mouth without gagging or retching.

Gas Absorption and Elimination
Dissolved gases such as nitrogen are absorbed into the blood and tissues during the course of a dive. The level of saturation depends on the depth of the dive. The elimination of Read the rest of this entry »