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Diving in Tomsk

See… Few of the Tomsk diving!

Tomsk, there are three diving club Naiad (TUCSR) Afalina (Polytech), Skate (TSU)!
Sports – Technical Scuba Divers Club TUSUR “Naiad” was organized in 2010. During his time there the club were trained diving more than 800 students and staff TUSUR.  Some of them have tied their fate to the sea, choosing a profession from or diving while working on a degree obtained in TUSUR in organizations connected with the sea. Read the rest of this entry »

Report on the under-ice diving

Blue Silence is a company dedicated to the provision of subsea services and in the academic area, we are the main training school sport and professional divers, under the standards of the Navy of Chile, where our primary mission to provide synergizement, quality services where they excel and professionalism, and in turn, can deliver enthusiasm and commitment with our expertise, advice and dissemination to commercial diving and sport throughout our country or anywhere where there is the possibility of entering the Read the rest of this entry »